I am in the market for a new smart watch and upgrading from a very old LG G Watch.

I browsed top x lists for smart watches in 2016 and came across the Samsung Gear S2 for around $250 brand new.  After doing some price investigation I stumbled upon a gem in Amazon for a certified refurbished T-Mobile version for $109.

All the reviews were 5 start and indicated it to be a fantastic deal.  You can pair the watch with Bluetooth to any smart phone and it works perfectly.  I personally don’t care if I have cellular service to my watch so its awesome.  Also, reviews stated you can actually get service on it for very cheap with your own provider or something along those lines.  I’ll update this post once I have more details on the cellular portion if I want to try it out.

Get your Samsung Gear S2 for $109 from Amazon