Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit

If you’re like me, you are probably reading this because your rear doors on your Ford or Mazda B series truck wont open even though you are pulling on the door handle.  You need the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit just like I did to permanently fix your problem.

This is a very common problem with a very wide range of Ford and Mazda trucks and vans which happens after about 10 to 15 years of wear depending on the climate.  The absolute best way to repair these is with the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit available at Amazon.

You Need the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit:Door Latch Cable Repair Kit Ends

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Why won’t my ford rear doors open?

Ford made a poor engineering decision with the cable ends in the latch system and made them out of plastic. A metal hinge pivots against the plastic end to open the latch.  After a decade of wear, the plastic end becomes brittle and breaks which causes the rear doors to not open when pulling the handle.  You can clearly see in the picture below how the plastic end has broken and how the new metal end will last forever.  Our ends will never fail or break or crack ever, fix it once and your done..

Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit Metal Vs Plastic End

Should I get the dealer to fix this?

NO! If you take the truck to the dealer they want to sell you the entire cable assembly which will be a staggering $400 dollars a piece not to mention the cost of installation.

My neighbor had this problem and paid $700 dollars to have his door repaired by the dealer.  He then spent another $400 dollars to buy another assembly and change it himself because the labor was too expensive.  He could have saved over a thousand dollars if he purchased the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit the first time and repaired it himself.

*WARNING* Fixing this issue with the dealership will RESULT IN THE SAME PROBLEM 10 to 15 years down the road because they will use the same cheap plastic garbage cable ends.

How can I fix this myself and save hundreds or even thousands?

Luckily some smart people invented the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit to solve this issue.  All you have to do to fix the problem is:

  1. Purchase the Door Latch Cable Repair Kit (Single Door Kit or Two Door Kit)
  2. Watch some videos on the process, it is not very difficult but takes about 2 hours per a door.
  3. Follow the Ford Repair Videos and repair your own doors at a fraction of the cost permanently.

Watch this example video for a detailed walk through of the entire process.

2002 Ford F150 Door Latch Cable Repair Kit Video

Why Use Our Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit?

  • Quality – Our ends are machined from aircraft grade billet aluminium right here in the USA for maximum quality and design specs.
  • Made in the USA – We employ several American citizens to create the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kits in our shop and are proud we have the opportunity to do this.
  • Avoid Problems – Other companies use ends created in China that do not work correctly and are cheap imitations of this product.  You will need to drill holes or file away material to allow the cable end to slide through properly.

How Can I Buy These Superior Door Latch Cable Repair Kits?

Currently we are offering these products on Amazon only and can be purchased below:

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