About Us?

My name is Brian McCauley, I created Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit after purchasing a 2002 Ford F-150 that suffered from the problem with the rear doors not opening.  After the experience I with my fix and seeing how wide spread this problem is I decided to create a website to help sell the best quality product and help people with the fix process.

The Learning Phase

The first time I ran into this problem was when my neighbor purchased a 2004 F250 and one of the rear doors wouldn’t open.  He made the mistake of going to the dealership and purchasing the entire door latch assembly which cost him $400 dollars!

When I purchased my truck knowing it had the problem with both doors I knew I was going to have to find an alternative to the dealer solution as it was a very poor solution.

After days of research and time watching very poor quality videos I purchased my door latch cable repair kit from amazon and proceeded to fix the problem.

The Fix….

The first thing I noticed was there weren’t a lot of good video tutorials I could watch for the repair process so I decided to record the entire process to fix my Ford F-150 and post it on youtube.

In my video I learn that the repair kit I purchased was a Chinese version that I had to drastically alter to get to work properly.  In my opinion if you purchase a product to fix a problem… you shouldn’t have to fix the product to make it work…. simple as that.

Many people experience this same frustration when installing these kits as the channel for the cable to travel through just simply isn’t wide enough causing hours of filing or dangerous drilling to widen the cable channel.

Our Solution

We are an American company with a product created and designed exclusively in the United States in the state of Florida.  Our design is 100% original and works correctly without any alteration unlike the others.  It is made of 6061 Billet Aluminum and will last forever.

We strive for high quality and customer satisfaction and will settle for nothing less.  If you experience a problem please contact us to let us know!